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Hello, we are shinepony.com
Shinepony® started as a small shop selling boots. After careful polishing and optimization by each founder, it has gradually become a large shop covering equestrianism, western boots, and other leisure products. At the same time, we also got the opportunity to cooperate with many source factories in the world, which makes our supply chain stronger. All our efforts are only for each of you, who can have the best quality buying experience in Shinepony®.
We also have experts who have studied the equestrian category for many years and are committed to creating a kind and friendly community family for everyone to communicate and share. Welcome everyone to come here and experience different shopping trips.

We go to our farms, barns, and stables not just for exercise, but for a feeling of sanctuary, peace, fun, and community. Whether you have Barn Friends, Barn Sisters, Barn Family, or a Barn Community, it’s all about 'inclusivity'.
With these folks, you share your passion, your pain, your achievements, and your setbacks. These are ‘Your People’.
We love this about the equestrian community. It’s the glue that holds us together, no matter our age, size, income, where we live, what level we ride at, or our discipline. We are all on the same team – We Are All Equestrians. Welcome to our family!